Vertical Personnel Lifts


Vertical Personnel Lifts

IMG_0420The perfect machine for one-man jobs! These narrow machines are suited to indoor tasks that require only one operator in the basket for the purpose of going up and down.

They are battery powered keeping noise to a minimum, while ensuring that there are no diesel fumes. Non-marking tyres are standard on these machines to minimise the possibility of damage to indoor floor coverings, while a tight turning circle makes these machines incredibly manoeuvrable.

See the specs below on the various heights we have for hire;

S036-RS SP039-E Star 6 MV075-E MVP080-E Star 10 MV095J
Working Height 5.0m 5.60m 5.90m 6.00m  9.50m  10.0m 10.0m 11.20m
Platform Height 3.0m 3.60m 3.90m 4.00m 7.50m 8.0m 8.0m 9.20m
Platform Size
1.15 x 06.m 1.29 x 0.70m 1.29 x 0.70m 0.80 x 0.74m 0.78 x 0.70m 0.69 x 0.60m 0.78 x 0.98m 0.87 x 0.62m
Platform Capacity 240kg 240kg 240kg 180kg 125kg 150kg 200kg 200kg
Rollout Extension 0.55m 0.60m 0.60m
Overall Height Stowed (handrails down) 1.85m 1.67m 1.86m 1.65m 1.98m  1.98m 1.99m 1.99m
Overall Width 0.76m 0.76m 0.76m 0.76m 0.79m 0.75m 1.0m 1.0m
Overall Length 1.15m 1.44m 1.15m 1.50m 1.36m 1.37m 2.70m 2.72m
Gross Weight
565kg 880kg 420kg 750kg 880kg 406kg 2677kg 2950kg
Fuel Electric Electric Push Around Battery Battery Electric Electric Electric
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