Cherry Pickers Hire

Experience unrivalled telescopic reach with our cherry picker lifts, available with both battery and petrol power options. At Accessman, we prioritise your safety. That’s why we provide a complimentary harness for you to wear while working in the basket of the cherry picker, adhering to Health and Safety requirements.

Whether you need a trailer-mounted cherry picker or a towable cherry picker, we’ve got you covered. Our cherry pickers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor tasks, ensuring versatility for a range of jobs. The hydraulic outriggers on each corner of the machine guarantee a level working platform, regardless of the terrain. This ensures ease of operation, allowing you to manoeuvre the working platform precisely where it’s needed.

Our fleet includes various models like the Nifty 120T, Haulotte HTA13P, and more, catering to different height and capacity requirements. Each cherry picker is designed for optimal performance, ensuring your tasks, whether cleaning, general maintenance, or construction, are completed efficiently.

With over 1200 machines in our nationwide fleet, Accessman stands as New Zealand’s premier equipment hire company, specialising in access equipment for the construction industry. Contact us today for all your cherry picker and boom lift needs.

  • Bi-fuel capacity (both battery and petrol power options)

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor jobs

  • Hydraulic stabilizers on each corner of the machine provides a level working platform regardless of the terrain

  • Full control to manoeuvre the working platform to where it is needed



Accessman offers a diverse range of cherry pickers, ideal for tasks that demand robust and reliable performance on any site. These cherry pickers provide the flexibility needed to operate on uneven terrain and are perfect for projects where diesel power is necessary for increased driveability. The hire process is streamlined to ensure that every hire cost is transparent and offers the latest best rates, allowing businesses to manage their costs effectively over the desired time period.

Our cherry pickers are engineered to tackle the most challenging positions, making them a reliable choice for reaching those difficult spots. Each model is equipped with capabilities that safely address the demands of various applications, whether on construction sites or in maintenance scenarios. Accessman makes it easy to view and include equipment options that enhance operational efficiency, ensuring that every job is completed as effectively as possible.

Nifty 120THaulotte HTA13PHaulotte HTA16PNifty 170TSnorkel MHP13/35
Working Height12.20m12.90m15.54m17.10m12.6m
Platform Height10.20m10.90m13.54m15.10m10.6m
Platform Size1.10 x 0.65m1.22 x x0.76m1.22 x 0.76m1.10 x 0.65m1.07m x 0.78m
Platform Capacity200kg227kg227kg200kg227kg
Working Outreach6.10m6.86m8.23m8.70m5.6m at 6m
Rotation Slew360º350º350º360º540° non-continuous
Overall Height Stowed1.90m1.96m1.98m2.15m2.05m
Overall Width (outriggers retracted)1.50m1.67m1.7m1.65m1.58m
Overall Width (outriggers extended)3.55m3.4m4.19m4.40m3.95m
Overall Length Stowed4.50m4.96m5.9m6.20m5.99m
Gross Weight1400kg1542kg1905kg1900kg1360kg
Branch Availability[B][CC] [B] [T] [L] [O[AK] [WK][CH] [CC] [O] [T] [AK][CH] [B][L][CC]

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