Scissor Lifts – Rough Terrain


Rough Terrain Scissorlifts

If you need to work outdoors, on rough or uneven ground, a rough terrain scissorlift is the machine for you

This machine is ideally suited to outdoor work; where uneven surfaces require additional stabilisation or where 4WD access is necessary; however with adequate ventilation they can also be used indoors. An articulating rear axle and hydraulic stabilizers on each corner of the machine provides a level working platform regardless of the terrain; while varying deck width options plus a rollout deck extension ensures sufficient capacity for multiple workers and tools.

Rough Terrain Scissorlifts are available in 6-8 metre, 9-metre, 10-metre ,12-metre18-metre and 20-metre varieties. This machine cannot be towed with a car, so Accessman will deliver and pick-up your Rough Terrain Scissorlift, to and from your job site.

Machine Specs


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