Lighting Towers



Lighting Towers

If you need to flood a large area with light, these weather resistant telescopic mast lighting towers are the machine for you. They have four 1000watt lamps housed in aluminium reflectors with tempered impact-resistant glass lenses, ensuring maximum output.

This coupled with a 360 degree rotating head and position lock ensures that you are able to shine light at the right angle for your job, while additional flood lights can be added using twist lock connections for big jobs.

Lighting Towers provide a stable and safe means of lighting large areas. Outriggers and stability jacks ensure that the machine can withstand winds of up to 110kms per hour, while automatic shutdowns monitor engine temperature and oil pressure for a safe working environment.

Add to this excellent mobility as they are powered by a diesel engine and have the ability to be positioned in any environment, making them perfect for roadwork and construction sites plus concerts and outdoor film sets.

The Light Towers can be towed by a suitable vehicle.

  Ingersoll-Rand Light Tower
Tower Height 9.00m
Overall Height Stowed 1.80m
Overall Width 1.45m
Overall Length 4.37m
Lamps 4x 1000w metal halide
Weight 900kg
Diesel Tank Capacity 113L
 Branch Availability  [CH] [L]


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