18 Metre 4WD Knuckleboom Lift



18 Metre Knuckleboom

The perfect all-rounder, 4WD Knucklebooms allow you to be mobile while reaching up and over objects. They have exceptional reach via a telescopic upper boom; while in-basket controls provide accuracy when positioning the working platform.

4WD Knucklebooms can are designed to be used outdoors but can be used indoors if the area is suitably ventilated. Their all-wheel drive capabilities make them ideal for accessing work sites over rough terrain.

The Knuckleboom can be driven while the basket is elevated, making this machine perfect for jobs where progress requires repositioning of the work platform.

Accessman will provide you with a free harness to wear while working in the basket of the Knucklebooms as national health and safety laws require this.

Knuckleboom lifts are available in 12-metre15-metre16-metre17-metre20-21 metre26-metre, 28-metre, 32-metre and 41-metre varieties. They cannot be towed, so Accessman will deliver and pick-up your Knuckleboom, to and from your job site.

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  Haulotte HA18PX  Dingli BA16J-AWD
Working Height 17.30m 18.00m
Platform Height 15.30m 16.00m
Platform Size 1.80 x 0.78m 1.80 x 0.76m
Platform Capacity 230kg 230kg
Horizontal Outreach 10.60m 8.85m
Rotation Slew 360º
non continuous
Overall Height Stowed 2.20m 2.33m
Overall Width 2.30m 2.30m
Overall Length 7.60m 5.80m
Gross Weight 7950kg 7835kg
Tail Swing Zero Zero
Fuel Diesel Diesel
Branch Availability  [CH] [L[WA] [CC] [T]

Haulotte HA18PX

Dingli BA16J-AWD


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