17 Metre Cherrypicker



15 – 17 Metre Cherrypickers

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With unrivalled telescopic reach and bi-fuel capacity (battery and petrol power options), Cherry Pickers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor jobs. They are versatile and able to access tight areas and are almost silent when operated by battery.

Hydraulic stabilizers on each corner of the machine provides a level working platform regardless of the terrain while in-basket controls give workers full control to manoeuvre the working platform to where it is needed.

Accessman will provide you with harnesses free of charge to wear while working in the basket of the Cherry Picker as per Health & Safety requirements..

  MHP15 HTA16P 170T
Working Height 14.8m 15.7m 17.10m
Platform Height 12.8m 13.7m 15.10m
Platform Size 1.24 x 0.77 x 1.1m 1.22 x 0.76m 1.10 x 0.65m
Platform Capacity 227kg 227kg 200kg
Working Outreach 7m 8.2m 8.70m
Rotation Slew 540º  (non continuous) 120º 360º
Overall Height Stowed 1.9m 1.95m 2.16m
Overall Width (outriggers retracted) 1.77m 1.66m 1.60m
Overall Width (outriggers extended) 3.7m 3.5m 4.37m
Overall Length Stowed 7.45m 5.9m 6.20m
Gross Weight 1760kg 1905kg 2000kg
Fuel Petrol Battery/Petrol Battery/Petrol
Branch Availability  [CC]  [CC[WA]  [CH] [B] [T[L] [O]


Safety Requirements


Transport Requirements

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