12 Metre Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts



12 Metre Rough Terrain Scissorlifts

This machine is ideally suited to outdoor work; where uneven surfaces require additional stabilisation or where 4WD access is necessary; however with adequate ventilation they can also be used indoors. An articulating rear axle and hydraulic stabilizers on each corner of the machine provides a level working platform regardless of the terrain; while varying deck width options plus a rollout deck extension ensures sufficient capacity for multiple workers and tools.This machine cannot be towed with a car, so Accessman will deliver and pick-up your Rough Terrain Scissor Lift, to and from your job site.

Rough Terrain Scissorlifts are also available in 8-metre9-metre10-metre18-metre and 20-metre varieties.

Safety Requirements


Transport Requirements


** Harness if required by site/employer

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  Dingli SC1217 AWD Dingli SC1218 AWD MEC 4069RT MEC 4191RT
Working Height 14.0m 14.3m 14.20m 14.5m
Platform Height 12.0m 12.3m 12.20m 12.50m
Platform Size 1.55 x 2.51m 1.52 x 2.88m 1.50 x 3.00m 1.80 x 3.35m
Platform Capacity 345kg 363kg 360kg 454kg
Rollout Extension / Full 1.43m / 3.94m 1.43m / 4.31m 1.22m / 4.22m 1.22m / 4.57m
Rollout Capacity 136kg 136kg 113kg 227kg
Overall Height 2.63mm 2.74m 2.45m 3.02m
Overall Height Stowed 2.03m 1.97m 1.64m 2.22m
Overall Width 1.73m 1.76m 1.77m 2.31m
Overall Length 3.30m 3.84m 3.20m 3.66m
Gross Weight 4050kg 5050kg 4900kg 4400kg
Fuel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
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Dingli SC1217

MEC 4069

MEC 4191


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