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Fostering Kids NZ – Family Fun Day – Otago

Family fun, a normal part of life for most Kiwi kids—is a dream often made prohibitive for the families of kids who face many challenges throughout life whether it be medical or physical disabilities or maybe they have had a less than perfect start in life through no fault of their own. Families and caregivers make a huge effort in just maintaining the basics of medical and emotional stability among many other priorities, this means that often there is little left over to enjoy life and each other.
For one day a year these families can have fun and create memories together on us.

Family Fun Day works with Fostering Kids New Zealand, we in turn support the fostering families who care for thousands of young people in New Zealand who are unable to live with their biological parents. Fostering Kids New Zealand provides the encouragement, support and education that are essential to making foster families work, which in turn enables children in care to recover their self worth and learn to trust the world again.
Donations help get as many kids in the region along to this event as possible. Funds raised also assist Fostering Kids New Zealand to provide continued support to fostering families in the community.

You can read more about Fostering Kids NZ here  including how to donate.

Information about your regions Family Fun Day here and how you can help


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