Accessman Supports Paddon Rallysport in 2022

Accessman has long been a supporter of racing events and communities in New Zealand (having their own branded Midget Racing Car). This year, we are proud to sponsor Hayden Paddon, from the Paddon Racing Group, while he continues to win races in his home grounds and abroad.

Paddon hit the ground running in the first quarter of 2022, winning several races throughout New Zealand,

contest Rally di Alba in Italy on 24 and 25 June. Next up will be the Latvian ERC event, and preparing for his Tour European Rally (TER) in July and August. This should be a good practice for next year’s bid to win the FIA ERC – European Rally Championship.

“What an exciting start to 2022 it has already been, with quarter 1 going so quickly. The vibe around rallying in New Zealand this year has magnified due to the upcoming WRC Rally of New Zealand. We have noticed this by the extra coverage from main stream media and the constant talking point of WRC Rally of New Zealand.” Hyundai New Zealand Media Report


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