8 Metre Electric Scissor Lift

Electric Scissorlifts are compact to enable you to access tight areas or to manoeuvre between aisles and around other machinery, while battery power ensures there are no diesel fumes and minimal noise. Plus they have a tight turning circle and non-marking tyres which minimises the possibility of damage to indoor floor coverings.

Additional versatility is provided via varying deck width options plus a rollout deck extension that provides extra reach over objects.  Electric Scissor Lifts are also available in 6-metre10-metre12-metre and 14-metre  varieties; providing height access for a range of situations

WORKING HEIGHT 9.92m 9.92m 10.00m 10.00m
PLATFORM HEIGHT 7.92m 7.92m 8.00m 8.00m
PLATFORM SIZE 2310 x 840mm 2310 x 1190mm 2270 x 810mm 2270 x 1120mm
TOTAL PLATFORM CAPACITY 227kg 454kg 230kg 450kg
PLATFORM LENGTH (EXTENDED) 3130mm 3340mm 3100mm 3170mm
EXTENSION CAPACITY 113kg 113kg 113kg 113kg
OVERALL HEIGHT 2200mm 2280mm 2320mm 2320mm
OVERALL HEIGHT STOWED 2m 1800mm 1995mm 1780mm
OVERALL WIDTH 840mm 1200mm 810mm 1150mm
OVERALL LENGTH 2490mm 2500mm 2480mm 2480mm
GROSS WEIGHT 2109kg 2404kg 2180kg 2655kg
FUEL Battery Battery Battery Battery

Safety Requirements

* Harness if required by site/employer

Transport Requirements

Contact your Local Branch for rates and booking enquiries