22 Metre Telescopic Boomlift

Do you need to work in a tight space where tail swing from a machine would be detrimental? 4WD Telescopic Boomlifts have zero tail swing making them perfect for working in restrictive areas.

These machines have excellent reach and 4WD capability making them perfect for outdoor jobs on rough terrain.

Operators are given complete control from the basket; making precision manoeuvres easy. Accessman will provide you with a free harness to wear while working in the basket of the Telescopic Boomlifts as national health and safety laws require this.

4WD Telescopic Boomlifts are available in 18-metre and 23-metre varieties. They cannot be towed so Accessman will happily deliver and pick-up your 4WD Telescopic Boomlift, to and from your job site.

Working Height 21.60m
Platform Height 19.80m
Platform Size 1.83 x 0.76m
Platform Capacity 227kg
Horizontal Reach 17.00m
Rotation Slew 360º
Platform Rotator 180º
Overall Height Stowed 2.79m
Overall Width 2.38m
Overall Length 8.20m
Gross Weight 10894kg
Fuel Diesel
Branch Availability  [CH]


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